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About us?

Since our opening in the year 2000, we have quickly been recognized as the most attractive Bar in the heart of Mexico City. From our unique cocktails to our ever-changing list of local spirits, we've got everything you need for a great night out.

We are dedicated to making sure that the time you spend with us is an experience like no other. Our professional team behind the bar have carefully crafted a list of renowned drinks that will leave your mouth exploding with flavour. Don't you believe us? Come see for yourself.

We are a business model represented by a restaurant-bar chain that offers everything at the same price, accompanied by atmosphere, party, drinks, quality food and with special attention to its consumers, generating a unique shopping experience within our units. .

Cantina Whiskylucan[1].jpg

Our mission

Offer a place that allows our clients to relax and have fun through our environment, food and drinks, which represent our Mexican culture, highlighting our colors, our merriment and the camaraderie that characterizes us, creating memories and unique experiences at an attractive price. .

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